Terms & Conditions



1.0     General – The Terms and Conditions of Sale set out below apply to RoadTrek Pty Ltd ABN 74 120 882 046, Registered office located at 26 Gasoline Way,Craigieburn Vic  3064. The acceptance of quotations, services and goods from RoadTrek Pty Ltd is automatic acceptance of the below Terms and Conditions of Sale.


2.0     Prices – All quoted prices are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.


3.0     Quotations – All quotations shall remain valid for 90 days from the date of issue unless otherwise stated in writing by RoadTrek Pty Ltd.


4.0     Order Confirmations – RoadTrek Pty Ltd requires a written order confirmation before work may commence. Order confirmations submitted by fax or as an email file attachment shall be accepted providing they are on a business letterhead or are in the form of an official order. Verbal amendments shall not be accepted unless also confirmed in writing.


5.0     Title – Transfer of title in goods invoiced by RoadTrek shall not pass until payment in full has received.


6.0     Payment – RoadTrek requires payment in full at time of delivery or acceptance and may if stipulated in our quotation require a deposit in advance and progress payments at predetermined stages of production. Failure to make progress payments within 7 days of invoice at the predetermined stages will result in resources being withdrawn from the work.

6.1 For spare parts and Motorhome body servicing and repairs, payment is required either with order or at time of delivery (COD). The only payment methods which shall be accepted are by Cash, EFT or Bank cheque. Credit Cards and personnel cheques will not be accepted.

6.2 For long standing customers with an approved 30 days credit account, payments shall be due in full within 30 days of date of invoice unless otherwise specified in writing.

6.3 At RoadTrek’s sole discretion 7 days payment terms may be granted, in which case payments shall be due in full within 7 days of date of invoice.

6.4 Any account outstanding for more than 90 days shall incur debt recovery fees and such fees will be added to form part of the principal debt.


7.0     Delivery RoadTrek reserves the right to apply a delivery charge and any delivery dates given shall be approximate only and no liability shall be accepted for any losses or expenses incurred as a result of delay in delivery or completion of the work.


8.0     Claims – Claims for non-conforming deliveries or services (incomplete, defective or incorrectly supplied) must be made by letter, fax or email within 7 days of receipt of goods. RoadTrek shall accept no returned goods or services without prior written authorization. Where repairs or service rectification work is required under warranty clause, the vehicle must be returned to RoadTrek’s workshops at the customers cost. RoadTrek’s workshops are located at 26 Gasoline Way,Craigieburn Vic  3064.  RoadTrek will not accept any costs or charges from others to perform rectification work unless prior written authorization has been provided by RoadTrek


9.0     Warranty – RoadTrek guarantees that the goods and services conform to the agreed specifications and shall be free from defects at time of delivery.

9.1 The warranty period for repairs and vehicle modifications shall be as specified in the quotation or where a contract has been executed, in accordance with the contract conditions. Where a warranty period is not stipulated the following will apply.

9.2 Structural Modifications – The warranty period for structural modifications will be 12 months from the date of acceptance of the vehicle.

9.3 Paint finish & Internal furnishings – The warranty for paint finish and internal furnishings will be 3 months from the date of acceptance of the vehicle.

9.4 The warranty period for service shall not include normal wear and tear or damages. Parts warranty liabilities shall not exceed the manufacturer’s warranty and we shall not accept any claims for labour or consequential damages.


10.     Force Majeure – Should RoadTrek be delayed or prevented from making delivery owing to labour disputes, natural disasters, breakdown of machinery or other circumstances which are outside of the suppliers reasonable control, RoadTrek shall be at liberty to cancel or suspend the services and shall be freed from any liability for any loss or damage resulting there from.