How to Protect Your RV from Storm Damage

Summer is a time for RV adventures. It’s a great time for any kind of Australian road trip — whether you’re visiting the forests, going down the peninsula, checking out the desert or enjoying the beach. But it’s also a time for storms.

Our workshop sees a lot of damaged caravans, motorhomes, buses and campervans in Melbourne’s wild storm season. This week, our blogging team decided to talk you through some of the risks storms pose to RVs, and how to protect your vehicle from storm damage.


Hail damage is a serious concern. Windows, windshields, soft tops and awnings can be destroyed by hail. It can cause cosmetic damage to the outside of your rig, reducing its resale value. Severe hail can create enough damage to allow rain and other elements into your caravan, particularly inside the walls, through broken seals and damaged windows. Protect your caravan from hail damage by storing it undercover or by purchasing a Stormcover.

Branches and Debris

Fallen branches are the most common reason drivers book in for a caravan repair. Branches and storm debris can cause unlimited damage to caravans, both internally and externally. Awnings, solar panels, satellite dishes, doors, windows, body, wheels, mirrors, everything on the outside of the caravan can be destroyed in storm by wayward debris.


If hit by a branch, book in for a caravan body repair with RoadTrek as soon as possible. Once your rig is breached by a branch, rain will rush in to your rig, furthering the damage not just externally or in the cabin, but between the walls, inside storage spaces and throughout the chassis.


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Water is perhaps the most serious threat to RVs. It can cause extensive damage to almost every part of your vehicle. We’ve written previously on water damaged caravans and the problems they suffer. To reiterate: moisture can damage electrical components, breed mould, rust and rotting, and can severely damage the inside of your rig.

If you own an RV it is vital that you keep an eye out for water damage, even if stored under a Stormcover. After a storm, enter your motorhome and look for signs and smells of wetness. Don’t just check the cabin, also inspect the storage units and around the water tank for dried water lines, puddles, and any other sign water has gotten into your rig.

Prevention is the Best Cure


Inspect your caravan before storm season the same way you would inspect it before going on a trip. Make sure seals are air-tight, windows and vents shut properly and that there are no cracks in the lining. If you smell damp inside the cabin, identify from where it’s coming.


If you live in a particularly humid area, be sure to purchase some dehumidifiers, such as a Hippo, to take some of the excess moisture out of the air. Remember to replace these as they fill up!


Following a storm, you must check your RV for storm damage or wetness. Checking for wetness is important, even if your rig is under a Stormcover. It’s a good idea to also check your Stormcover for wear and tear before storm season, and think about upgrading it should it be frayed, thin or damaged.

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Where to park in a storm?

Ideally, keep your RV somewhere undercover (though not under a tree!) with good drainage. Stormcovers provide good protection for rain, but for more severe storms, nothing can beat a garage.


If caught in a storm on holiday, collapse your awnings and soft tops, protect your solar panels and external accessories and remember to stay safe yourself. Stay indoors, and pass the time reading some of our other blog posts, such as on Australia’s first motorhome, Mariah Carey’s $1.8m trailer, or how to stay cool over Summer.


At RoadTrek, we are a one-stop shop. We provide bus, motorhome, campervan and caravan body repairs for Melbourne’s RV community. Our workshop sell a wealth of storm protection supplies, including stormcovers, and accessories. To upgrade your RV storm protection, or to talk to us about damaged caravan repairs, contact us today.


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