RV Security Tips from Melbourne’s Motorhome Conversion Specialists


We specialise in RV conversion and repair. A number of our motorhome, bus and caravan conversion clients are interested in maximising their space, or making their rig truly their own. Others employ us to improve their rig’s accessibility. Others have modifications particular to their lifestyles, for example, finding a way to include motorcycle storage in their bus. Some come to us with one question: how do I improve my RV security?

We offer a range of security modifications, including the installation of immobilisers, alarms and locks. We recommend reviewing your RV security, ensuring that there are locks on all windows and doors. But did you know that there are everyday things you can do to help keep your RV safe? This week the RoadTrek team talk tips for securing your rig.


Don’t reverse in! Parking your caravan, campervan, motorhome or RV so you can easily leave may seem like the forward-thinking thing to do, but actually, you’re making it easier for thieves to steal your rig. Save your rotating and turning and manoeuvring for the end of your holiday. This way, any would-be thieves will have to spend more time hijacking your vehicle, and you get to start your holiday that much sooner!

We’ve written before about the importance of parking. Specifically, we advised to park somewhere with adequate drainage and away from the elements. For security purposes, this parking spot should also be safe supervised and with good security lighting.

Whenever you park your caravan, particularly if for long periods of time, one or a combination of hitch devices, wheel locks, immobilisers and alarms will give you peace of mind and thieves a warning to stay away.

Windows On Holiday

When you are away from your RV for any amount of time,make sure windows, doors and skyroofs are locked. It’s safer still to have them tinted and curtained, and double-glazed for extra resilience.

We recommend having your windows tinted and either blinds or curtains installed for both insulation and security. Having your windows tinted and curtained prevents potential thieves from seeing in. As well as for security, tinted windows are great for keeping your caravan cool.

Tinted, curtained or blinded windows also stop thieves from seeing in. Untinted, uncurtained and open windows put your valuables on display. This can tempt sticky-fingered passers-by. Make sure you hide your belongings when going out, and don’t leave valuables viewable from the window.

Of course, leaving your RV locked up for long periods can make it pretty hot inside. An alternative is to have latches installed on the windows and skyroof, allowing them to be slightly open, but still locked.

RV Security Devices and Modifications

RoadTrek is a one-stop-shop for all things RV. This means we can order and install a range of security devices, including locks, latches, immobilisers, alarms and security doors. For all your conversions, additions, modifications and repairs, book your RV in with RoadTrek.caravan security, rv security, campervan conversion, motorhome refurbishment

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