New Developments in Electric Buses for Victoria

Last month the first electric buses made in Victoria were unveiled in state parliament.

News reports indicate that these electric buses are manufactured in Avalon, but they won’t be staying in Victoria.  The new buses have been commissioned for service in the ACT and Adelaide.

The new high tech buses are environmentally friendly people movers. They work just like regular buses, except they are run on electricity rather than petrol. This means fewer exhaust fumes being pumped into our atmosphere. The buses are cleaner, quieter and more user friendly.

Made in Victoria

The good thing about these buses is they’re made right here in Victoria. The manufacturer is AVASS, a family owned supplier of electric transport solutions.

The manufacturer claims that a single overnight charge will enable the bus to travel 600 km. This is a considerable development in the field of electric buses. Previous models have only had the capacity to travel less than 300 kilometres. This makes them unsuitable for longer haul transport. For example, the trip from Melbourne to Sydney is 800 km.  This new electric bus falls 200k short of that target, but as technology improves capacity will almost certainly increase. Regardless, the 600k capacity is ideal for shorter distances within Victoria and local metropolitan Melbourne.

Electric bus repair coming soon?

For the team at Road Trek, we are keen to familiarise ourselves with these buses. If we have the opportunity to repair them down the track we want to be ready. As experts in bus repair, it’s important to ensure our team have up to date knowledge with all kinds of vehicles on the market.

Should the streets of Melbourne soon feature electric buses, we will have the capacity to repair them. It seems that structurally, the buses are not too dissimilar to existing bus models. This means we’ll confidently be able to repair them.  We hope to be doing so in the near future!


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