Millennials and Motorhome Conversion

At RoadTrek, we perform a number of motorhome conversions every week. More and more, we are seeing younger people adopt the motorhome lifestyle. And it’s not just us. Recently, an article in reported that people under thirty who are seeking alternative, more affordable lifestyles, and people under forty saving for their first home, are increasingly living in converted motorhomes and buses.

Motorhome Conversions for Under 30s

Motorhomes are as versatile as the people who call them home. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, you can convert a motorhome to suit your needs. Some settle in to motorhomes that are closer to campervans: generally a bedframe, a table and some storage. Others seek out a more luxurious RV, with a working kitchenette and bathroom.

Singles, couples and even families live in motorhomes. With modern technology, the lifestyle is more comfortable than ever. And there is no limit to the conversions you can make. We’ve had imaginative twentysomethings ask us to install movie projectors and popcorn machines, bookshelves (lockable for when they’re on the move!), sofas, beds, deep fryers, practically everything in their home on wheels. It is their space to live in, and they want to make it 100% their own.

Why Motorhomes?

Motorhomes are a great way to see the country, and are also an exciting, affordable alternative way to live. For people who travel a lot for work, a motorhome can be a wonderful way to never leave home, even when travelling interstate. As rents climb, and as younger generations grow more concerned about their space, waste, and environmental impact, the minimal, energy-conscious motorhome life grows ever more appealing.

Some park in their parents’ properties. Others stay with friends, sleeping in their rig, but using the house’s facilities. Motorhomes with greater independence (i.e. solar power, water tanks and bathroom facilities) even live off the grid for periods at a time.

With more and more millennials turning to motorhomes as an alternative to renting, it’s lovely to see the torch get passed from the grey nomads to the internet generation.

Melbourne, Millennials and Motorhome Conversions

Melbourne is a real hub for motorhome conversion and #vanlife innovation. Last month’s caravan supershow was testament to that. It featured a bevy of exciting storage, insulation and RV living products, solutions and #lifehacks. It’s a great opportunity for RV enthusiasts and van-dwellers to get together to share tips on how to live (or holiday) more efficiently, conveniently, and, above all, comfortably, in their rigs. It was lovely to see so many fresh-faced motorhome millennials share their stories with grey nomads, who in turn shared caravan living tips only years on the road will teach you.

We live in the RV capital of Australia. Most of the nation’s campervans, caravans, buses, RVs and motorhomes are converted, repaired, serviced and produced in Victoria. So it makes sense that a number of our millennials would be finding a new home for themselves on the road. We’re excited to provide more innovative motorhome conversions to Melbourne’s millennials, and hope to share some of the conversions on our blog soon.

RoadTrek is your one-stop RV shop

If you’re thinking about adopting the RV life, or are considering a motorhome conversion or refurbishment, talk to us today. RoadTrek is a one-stop-shop for all things RV, from campervan accessories, through caravan repair,  to full bus fitouts. Until then, why not enjoy some of our other blogs? Publishing fortnightly, we’ve written on Australia’s first motorhome, security tips for caravans, and more. And remember, for everything RV, contact RoadTrek today!

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