Mercedes-Benz Campervans

Mercedes-Benz. Just the name brings to mind luxury and class. Clients have been converting Mercedes-Benz vans into motorhomes and campers for years. And the German brand have been making buses since the very beginning. In 2017, the company released a luxury campervan, the Marco Polo. Released in Australia last year, we are now starting to get more and more Marco Polos getting booked in for their first annual campervan service. Melbourne is the motorhome capital of Australia, and this week, we wanted to talk about the great state’s latest luxury campervan.

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Marco Polo

On the road, the Marco Polo looks like a regular, albeit luxury van. But then, with the press of a button, it undergoes a magical campervan conversion. Its roof extends and lo, Marco Polo is no longer just a van, but a spacious, luxury campervan.

Based on the V Class, the Marco Polo does not necessarily look like your typical campervan. From the outside, one wouldn’t expect it to contain a kitchenette. But it does. The kitchenette is complete with gas cooker, sink, fridge and electric sockets. It also manages to fit in, with more than adequate space, a dining table, perfect for all your RV dinner parties.

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Sleeping in a Mercedes

The Marco Polo sleeps four: two in the roof bed; and two in the cabin. The cabin’s two-person “sleeping bench” is more comfortable than it sounds! It has electro-pneumatic readjustment for the ultimate, most ergonomic comfort. We’ve written before about how to maximise your sleep in your RV, and we think Mercedes may well have read it! The Marco Polo has dark tinted windows and blinds in the back windows to shield sleepers from the morning (or, heck, afternoon!) sun. It has a comfortable mattress for daytime and nighttime sleeping.

Mercedes-Benz and RoadTrek

Even Mercedes-Benzes require an annual campervan or motorhome service. Melbourne’s Marco Polo owners, come in to RoadTrek for all your campervan repairs, refurbishments, services, accessories and more. RoadTrek is a one-stop-shop for all things RV. Contact us online today!

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