Mariah Carey’s $1.8m Luxury Motorhome

Here at Road Trek, we specialise in the refurbishment and conversion of mobile homes, caravans and buses for everyday Victorians. Some modifications, like mobility access, air-conditioning, remodels and panel replacements are pretty common, but have you ever wondered just how much you can modify your motorhome?

This week, we bring you one of the most customised, most expensive and completely unique motorhomes in existence – Mariah Carey’s $US1.8 million “skyscraper on wheels”.

Mariah’s Million-dollar Mobile Home

The first thing you’d notice about Mariah Carey’s “mobile estate” is its size. It’s an 18-wheeler.  When parked, it can expand both horizontally (out to 18 meters!) and vertically, for a second-storey club space.

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Image courtesy of Twisted Sifter


Expanding Sides

When travelling, the living space is roughly 5-foot (150cm) wide, so the truck can still travel on American roads. Once parked, though, the right side of the vehicle slides out 25 inches (about 64cm) and the left, 30 inches (75cm). This gives Mariah and her entourage almost 55 square metres of living room!


The Living Room

Mariah Carey’s downstairs fits about 50 people. Most of them can sit on the custom-designed, 15 foot (45m!) lounge, worth $7,000 US. While there, they can watch the 65” TV, or listen to the state-of-the-art surround sound speaker system. A number of modern and revamped RVs have wall-mounted televisions and speaker systems. We regularly install these creature comforts in much smaller, more reasonably priced vehicles than Mariah Carey’s tour bus. What makes Mariah’s unique is the sheer size of her televisions – and the fact that there are four of them in her RV!

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Mimi lives in the lap of luxury


Make-up Room

Still downstairs, Mariah’s mobile estate has a dedicated make-up space, complete with chair and vanity. Behind the oversized mirror is the ground floor’s second television, so the super star never needs to miss Master Chef for the sake of getting ready!

Mariah’s Kitchen

Speaking of Master Chef, Mariah’s trailer has a full kitchen, made from wood, marble and granite. Like a lot of tour buses, caravans and motorhomes, Mariah’s mobile estate has a tidy, hidden fridge and convection oven. It also has a stove and a $5,000 US Kangen water filter. We doubt that Mariah, or perhaps more accurately, her entourage, would ever need our advice on how to host a dinner party in her motorhome!

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Many motorhomes have working, compact kitchens, but not all are made of granite, marble and wood like Mimi’s.

The Second Storey

Mariah’s mobile home shares a feature with a number of Australian campers and caravans: its ceiling can be raised for some extra room. Naturally, the diva’s mobile estate, her “skyscraper on wheels”, goes a little further. Up the black marble stairs, there is a complete second storey club space. The club floor has a TV at both ends and a 35-foot wraparound lounge. With decked out lighting, a dance floor and a colour wheel, when Mariah needs to disco, she can really raise the roof.

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Mariah’s upstairs club room

The Design

Mariah Carey’s mobile home was designed by RJ Anderson. Since 1999, RJ Anderson has been making “yacht like” luxury RVs. Some of his clients have been Will Smith, Charlie Sheen, Shakira, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and even Bill Clinton.


The Dream is Closer Than You Think

You don’t have to spend $1.8 million like Mariah Carey to travel in comfort. Now more than ever, Australians are taking RV holidays, and with good reason. RJ’s website likens modern RVs to private jets. And why not? RVs have come a long way since Australia’s first motorhome.
We can install and modify more compact creature comforts than ever before. If you want to modernise your camper and bring a little more Mariah into your life, talk to us today. Road Trek is your one-stop shop for everything RV. From refurbishment to roof-raising, remodelling to repairs, Road Trek have everything you need to make your RV your own sweet fantasy.


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