Why We Are Members of the Campervan and Motorhome Club Australia (CMCA)

The Campervan and Motorhome Club Australia (CMCA) is Australia’s largest RV club. It boasts over 100 chapters nationwide, with over 70,000 members in total. This week, the RoadTrek team discuss why they are such proud members of the CMCA.

CMCA Discounts

To offer its members some exciting discounts and special offers, the CMCA has teamed up with a number of companies in and out of the RV community. Some of these companies, like Specsavers and Tamburlaine Wines, are available throughout Australia. Some others offer special holiday treats for when you’re visiting the area, such as Global Ballooning’s hot air balloon services in Victoria or Big Sky Tagalong Tours in the outback. With the help of Australia’s largest RV club you can always find an exciting adventure wherever you are in the country and a good deal all year round.

RV Site Map App

The CMCA also helps you plan your adventures. Members are given exclusive access to the club’s map app, CMCA Geowiki. The app is a depository of all the sites RV holidaymakers need on their journeys, including campgrounds, caravan parks, national parks, free camping sites and rubbish dumps.

RV Friendly Program

The GeoWiki app is a smaller section of one of the club’s major drawcards: the RV Friendly Program. The program, like the app, lists geographically a number of RV-friendly towns, parks and grounds. It also gives members access to the club’s low-cost park network (where travellers can stay for under $10 per night), and provides travellers with a list of CMCA-approved accommodation (with 10% selected parks).


Members Network

RV nomads are a friendly bunch. Every holiday, we seem to make new friends with our temporary neighbours. The CMCA is, at heart, a club for fellow bus, caravan and motorhome enthusiasts.. In addition to forums and marketplaces, the CMCA website also connects RVers with each other. Through the CMCA, RV lovers can share advice, resources, and even accommodation!


The CMCA’s Member Stop Over initiative connects money-conscious RVers with fellow members in the area who have registered their property as non-commercial accommodation alternatives. Members who register their properties as Stop Over sites are not rewarded financially. It is an opportunity for them to help fellow members, to talk about what they love and to stay connected with the club. This feeling of connection is important to CMCA members and is felt no more strongly than at the annual National CMCA Rally.

National CMCA Rally

Every year, the CMCA hold an RV enthusiasts’ rally at a different location in Australia. This year’s rally is to be held in Bundaberg, Qld, from 8 Oct to 16 Oct. CMCA rallies are great 9-day events, full of everything from trade shows to field trips, seminars to craft workshops, competitions to wine tours. A dance ball ends the yearly festivities. If you’re worried about your dancing abilities, don’t worry — Rock’n’Roll and Line Dancing classes are held throughout the festival!


You can find out more about the rally by visiting the CMCA website, reading its program, or by clicking here.


For More Information

These are just a few of the reasons we are proud members of the CMCA. There are so many more. If you have a bus, motorhome or RV, why not check out their website? And while you’re here, why not read some of our other blogs, on Mariah Carey’s $1.8m motorhome, or on Australia’s first motorhome? If you’re looking for an RV festival a little closer to home, read our blog on the Wodonga Caravan and Camping Expo.

Remember, if you are planning an RV holiday over the Summer, or are planning to visit the CMCA Rally in Bundaberg, it’s important to make sure your caravan, bus or motorhome is in safe working order before you go. Book in with RoadTrek today for a service, inspection and repair and enjoy your travels!

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