Caravan care: How to care for your caravan on the road

Summer is here, so it’s almost time to hit the road with your caravan.

As caravan repair specialists, we are very familiar with what can go wrong during caravan adventures. Of course, many accidents are unavoidable, and come down to simple bad luck, but there are plenty of things you can do during your journey to keep your caravan well maintained.

Caravan care tip # 1 keep to paved roads

Very few caravans can handle the roughness of unpaved roads. It might be tempting to adventure off the beaten track. However, you are towing a very heavy caravan, not joyriding in a four wheel drive. Driving on rough tracks and unpaved roads can cause damage to your caravan. The tyres can be worn or punctured and the dust and debris can cause damage to the exterior and awnings. Not to mention potential accidents that are much more likely to occur. Stick to paved roads and keep yourself and your caravan safe.

Caravan care tip #2 secure loose items

Every loose item will move around a lot during a standard road trip. It might feel smooth from the comfort of your car, but back in the caravan things can move around and cause untold damage. A loose plate flying off the shelf at speed can cause a nasty dent in your walls and surfaces. Better yet, make sure you use as much plastic unbreakable items as possible.

Caravan care tip #3 take it easy on the road

No one likes getting stuck behind a slow caravan – that’s true! But it’s still important to stay safe on the roads. We have conducted many repairs on caravans that were damaged when the driver simply went too fast and lost control. So drive slowly, get off early to avoid traffic and use slow vehicle turnouts to allow traffic behind you to overtake.  Another reason to go slow: you’ll save plenty of fuel.

Caravan care tip #4 follow a checklist

Know exactly what to do before departing by following a checklist. Leaving it to memory makes it more likely to forget a crucial step.  Refer to your owner’s manual for specific directions but your checklist should include:

  • tyre air pressure
  • couplings and safety chains
  • lights
  • gas cylinders turned off
  • awnings in safe travel position
  • windows, doors and cupboards closed and locked
  • safely store electrical fittings
  • refrigerator locked
  • handbrake

Caravan care tip #5 reversing

Reversing is very tricky – if you are new to caravanning or haven’t driven in a while it’s a good idea to brush up on your reversing. As caravan repair specialists we have seen plenty of caravans dented or damaged thanks to reversing errors.  Reversing a caravan is a slow, two person job, so practice with a buddy who’ll be on the road with you and create a system of symbols and phrases to use together.

Happy caravanning!

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