RoadTrek’s Top Five Caravan Accessories


RoadTrek is a one-stop-shop for all things RV. We do refurbishments, services, repairs and fit-outs, but did you know we also sell and install a range of motorhome, RV, camper and caravan accessories? We asked the team to nominate their favourite and their most commonly requested caravan accoutrement, and this week we present to you: RoadTrek’s Top Five Caravan Accessories.

Rearview Camera

Rearview cameras are becoming commonplace in the RV industry, and for good reason. A rearview camera, or reverse camera, makes it easier for towers of big loads to reverse or park. At RoadTrek, we sell and install vehicle camera systems in a range of vehicles, including motorhomes and RV, as well as connectible tows, such as caravans and campers. Cabling is sent from the rear-mounted camera to a detachable monitor on the dash. The monitor, a bit like a GPS screen, then shows a flipped image, like a mirror, of what’s behind.

When we connect a reverse camera, we synchronise it with your tow, so that when your camper’s brake lights turn on, so too does the camera and its monitor.  


Vehicle camera systems have made caravanning much easier. Traditionally, caravans and campers have hindered the rear view of their drivers, making it harder to change lanes or manoeuvre tight situations. When you install a rearview camera, such problems are behind you.


Towing Mirrors

A tried and true staple of the caravanning world, towing mirrors are less technologically advanced than a rearview camera but just as useful. Extendable towing mirrors allow drivers to see more of their tow when on the road, increasing the safety of the tow, the driver and fellow motorists.


Attached to a vehicle’s side mirrors, towing mirrors further extend a driver’s vision. Simple, sleek and foolproof, towing mirrors are a caravan accessory must-have. RoadTrek are a towing mirror supplier in Melbourne, often fitting extendable towing mirrors to vehicles and RVs both in conjunction with rearview cameras and as a budget alternative.

Tow Hitch

A tow hitch is an essential bit of equipment for any caravan. It’s what allows you to connect your tow to your vehicle. Increasingly, tow hitches are becoming more personalised, with novelty attachments being sold at caravan expos and specialty stores.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great power source for caravans and RVs. Caravan solar panels are silent sources of renewable energy. Neatly sitting on your roof, solar panels take up little space. They take up no fuel, produce zero emissions and are easily maintained — simply wipe away dirt and grit using a microfibre cloth.  


Solar panels are fixed beneath your caravan’s safety panels. For maximum exposure, we install solar panels on the roof away from vents or other shadow-causing obstructions.

Solar panels store spare, unused energy in a battery for nighttime and for days with minimal sunlight, so they are a reliable source of current. Most caravanners settle for one-two solar panels, but it really depends on how much energy you require.


At Road Trek we sell and install solar panels for any RV. Talk to us today about whether a solar panel system might be right for your caravanning adventures

Bike Rack

From Pops Kaesler to the holidaymakers of 2017, every RV enthusiast has had one thing in common: the need for more space. Over the last 100 years of caravan development, space-saving accessories have become an industry in themselves, with caravan expos dedicating stalls and seminars to the latest gadgets and DIY tricks designed to maximise your tow’s indoor space.

Simple and overlooked, a bike rack makes your caravan more space-efficient. Bike racks allow caravanners to store their bikes neatly on the outside of their tow. Bicycles can be clumsy to store inside, and not very efficient. Bike racks, however, utilise an exterior wall of your caravan, creating an extra storage space not otherwise used.


There are a number of different possible locations for a caravan’s bike rack, depending on the rig’s make and model. Talk to one of your friendly staff today to see where your bike rack might sit best on your next adventure.


So there you have it, those are the RoadTrek team’s top five caravan accessories. RoadTrek are a one-stop-shop for all your caravan needs. To see how we can improve your caravan adventure, talk to us today about rearview cameras, towing mirrors, tow hitches, solar panels or bike racks.


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