Most Common Types of Caravan and Motorhome Repairs

Here at Road Trek we conduct every kind of caravan repairs – and motorhome repairs too. Our experts have seen it all.

Ever wondered what the most common types of repair jobs are? These are the repair jobs we conduct regularly.

Replace awnings

Awnings can easily get damaged and they are also subject to a lot of wear and tear. A strong wind or accidentally forgetting to fit them properly can result in significant damage. We are familiar with all makes and model of caravan awnings to have them quickly repaired and you back on the road.

Weather damage

Australia has wild weather, and we see the evidence every day. Sun damage, dust, floods, rain, storm debris – we’ve repaired it all. But the number one weather type to damage your caravan or motorhome is hail. Those little balls of ice can really damage your exterior. If you’re lucky enough to get advance warning that a hailstorm is coming – seek shelter!

Roof repairs – sealing

A faulty roof makes your caravan or motorhome unsafe. Rooves are subject to both wear and tear and accident damage. We are regularly repairing roofs and resealing to make them sturdy and weatherproof again.

Parking and reversing damage

Parking your caravan or motorhome is not easy under any circumstances! Dark, rain or fog make for poor visibility situations. Many driver has suffered the consequence of a hidden tree, fence post or sign that really should be located elsewhere! Luckily our team of panel beaters and repairers can get your vehicle fixed up in no time. And remember, you can not be too careful when parking your caravan or motorhome into tight spots.

Fire damage

We have seen many devastated owners who have suffered significant damage to their vehicle due to fire damage. Whether the fire was preventable or perhaps an unlucky accident, the owners are always concerned about repairs. Whether the damage is internal, external or both, we have refurbished and repaired many vehicles and brought them back to their former quality – sometimes made them even better!

Insurance repairs

Of course, insurance repairs are also a big part of our work, which includes all the jobs listed above. We work with many insurance agencies to ensure a smooth management of the repair project.

Hopefully none of these unfortunate repair projects will happen to you. But if they do, choose Road Trek for professional, top quality repair jobs on your caravan or motorhome.



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