3D Printed Campervans

Earlier this month, news broke of the first ever 3D-printed campervan! This week, the RoadTrek team look at the record-breaking print out, and consider what it means for campervan refurbishments in Melbourne.

The 3D Printed Campervan

3D printing is older than people think. It was patented in the 1980s. Tech improvements over the past few years have grown exponentially. Now, people are 3D printing all sorts of things. Using 3D printing technology, NASA even faxed a wrench to space. But what is the largest thing ever printed, you ask? Well, that’s the very topic of this post! A campervan!

“The Wave”

“The Wave” was printed as one solid block. At 3.9m long, and 272kg heavy, it is the first ever 3D-printed campervan.

Homogenous, uni-panelled vans and RVs make for more expensive body repairs. In a multi-panelled RV, individual segments can be replaced as needed. In a singular 3D printed model, sections will have to be cut out and replaced. But this is less likely to happen to The Wave — it is purportedly the strongest RV ever made.

It’s also a versatile body. “The Wave” can be removed from its base and turned into a permanent hut.

3D Printing and Motorhome Refurbishments

3D printed RVs are not the norm, but we don’t imagine “The Wave” is just a gimmick. This tech will benefit our industry. Parts and panels that can be printed on-site will make caravan fitouts and motorhome refurbishments cheaper and with shorter wait times. 3D printing will also make it easier for caravan fit-out clients to have wholly individualised, sturdy interiors — designed and printed as a solid block. This is good news for the wave of new RV-dwellers seeking to express their individuality in a totally unique motorhome refurbishment. Melbourne is a major motorhome and RV city, so it won’t be long before we see 3D campervans, caravans and motorhomes on our streets.


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